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Evolution of Internet Memes

 As the Internet memes associated with Richard Dickinson and Zoology, why are the pictures with captions can be so popular?

· History of Memes

Concept of Internet Meme

For the first time the term "meme" was used by Richard Semon in his work on Zoology in 1904. The concept has long been used only in meaning "creating your own copies". However, in 1976 the term was picked up by Richard Dawkins, who used it in his book about evolutionary biology as a "unit of information, behaving as a gene". In the examples of the meme, he cited the trends, tones, construction technology, stable expression, and more.

Why Memes Become so Popular?

Generally, memes is folklore, where it is not important to the author. They are spread by active promotion, as are often created on the basis of news. Memes get to the point between the funny and important: using strange news for reflection over the situation.

On other side, funniest memes of 2018 are like poetry: it is a concentrated work, both socially sharp and funny. But they are shorter than anecdote and poem. In the little picture or phrase can contain a high concentration of meaning. They have high impact strength at the expense of brevity.

According to research by neuroscientists, anything that causes strong emotions (whether positive or negative), is much better remembered. Phrases such as "lol" remain in our memory, because one way or another evoke emotions. The pithy and concise signature and picture, the better they complement each other, the wider impact of the meme. As a result, people repeat them — and memes go viral, they all force.

Memes in Marketing

memes in marketing

Marketers often use memes. Here they have two different approaches: "to speak the language of the reader", as recently it tried to do mobile operators through battle rap, and just create a product, knowing how to actually do memes: without strain keeping careless pleasing style. For example, Burger King is a nice example of viral marketing.

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