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Perfect Partner: Funny Trash by Discovery Channel

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Discovery Channel is doing a show called Perfect Partner. You pick two friends and they go out and approach girls for you. Then you pick two family members and they do the same. You go on dates with both of the girls and pick one. The idea of the show is to see who can pick your "perfect partner", your friends or your family. I think it's one of those ideas to capitalize on the reality TV trend. So anyway my lady friend knows the field producer (who I have met) and encouraged me to sign up. We both agreed that we'd pick each other as one of the friends.

I went to the audition and I did REALLY well. I was nervous as hell but I was nailing all their questions. The field producers were cracking up and really enjoyed my answers. One question they asked is "Do you approach women?". Does Copernicus think the Earth revolves around the sun? So I told them a few of my approaches (I left out the more risque ones such as the drunken "I want to bang bang you" because there was a camera). They loved it. I came across as really outgoing and spontaneous.

This was my first on-camera audition. I didn't know what to do so I went in there to just be myself. I'd be honest. Even if I wanted to lie I didn't know what I should lie about, so I figure honesty is the best policy here.

I should have thought about appearing TOO outgoing. Because guess what kind of people they need to go on the "hunts" to find a good match? Yup, outgoing people. So they picked my ladyfriend, knowing I'd be one of her friends to go on the hunt.

I over-sold myself.

Lesson in this?

Well, if you're trying to gain something from someone, think about what their needs are.

  • Fulfill their needs and no more. 
  • I fulfilled a need for a hunter, not a dater. 
  • Our funny relationship goals memes are better than this shit
  • To change it I would maybe mention how I'm a little shy at first, that my friends hook me up with girls. I should have acted more AFC. Go figure? I couldn't have known this before, hindsight is 20/20.
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